The lessons of a floating dandelion
Friday, May 27, 2011 at 9:54AM
Denise/MamaMoments in Family

Sometimes (often) it's hard work getting myself and 2 kiddos out the door. Invariably at some point, someone gets hungry/thirsty/needs to the bathroom/can't find my shoes. . .you get the point. But once we hit the road it is always worth it. The hurriedness and anxiety of departure melt away and we all roll into the play-filled and content awareness of field trip/adventure mode. This particular morning led us to one of our favorite county parks, just 10 miles or so from home. I filled one last bucket of wild ramps to bring home and freeze and then we romped and played away the rest of the morning, having the entire place to ourselves. For one long spell I sat in the shade on a wooden bridge knitting while Cedar and Amara stripped down and explored the tiny cool stream below. And as always, when I finally really and truly pause with an open heart and present eyes, I find myself at the feet of my teachers once again. Mud between their toes, searching for minnows, and watching the plump golden heads of dandelions bob and wind their way down the fairy rapids of this trickling creek. . .
Thank you for showing me the way today and everyday.

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